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Packages for clubs

What training Exercises can be done on a Skills Day?

The Skills Development Day can be Structured the to suit the specific needs of your club:

Mix and match any of the following to make up a half or whole day. (NB: each session can be mixed ability or specifically for “inexperienced” or “experienced” players, as appropriate. The durations shown are a guide only, and can be longer if wanted. Except where shown as “whole group”, different activities can run simultaneously).
You SelectSessionDescriptionDuration
RecommendedDelivery ClinicAssisting the player to develop an effective and repeatable delivery (delivery theory / practice / fault remedies)
40 min, 1 hour

Bowls ballistics
Demonstration of the effect of one bowl impacting another bowl or the jack (assists shot selection)  
20 min

Measuring and marking
Demonstration of basic marking and measuring techniques [A whole group session]  See note below40 min

A series of exercises to practise casting a jack to a specific point and drawing to a jack at various positions
40 min

Line and length
Exercises to practise adjustment of line and length
40 min

Reading the head
An exercise designed to get players thinking about actively “Reading the Head” and selecting and playing a critical shot
40 min

Critical shot and the “extra end”
An exercise in selecting and playing a critical shot, and playing the “extra end”
40 min

Personal practices
A series of “personal practices” that a player can use to improve different aspects of their game
40 min

Playing as a “team”
A discussion and exercise on the skills required for playing in the various team positions, and playing as a team
40 min

Singles game
The skills and tactics needed for singles play, and how to use your marker effectively
40 min

Positional play
An exercise to consider, and practice, playing positional/tactical bowls
40 min

Shot play
A series of exercises to develop skills required for playing shots
(e.g. tap&lie / jack trail / take-out / drive / ditch jack / blocker)
40 min

Play practice
A short game with rule changes designed to put into practice some of the skills covered over the day
1 Hour

Playing Weighted bowls
When would you want to do this? And how?
[Note: a modified version of this session is available as a Clubhouse talk]

40 min
The following can be done in the clubhouse:

Verbal and non-verbal communication, its uses and effects
30 min

Front-end play
The specific skills for the Lead and Second
30 min

Back-end play
The specific skills for the Third and Skip
30-40 min

Is it the same for us all?
30 min

Skipping a rinkMore to it than you might think....
30 min
“Marking and Measuring” courses can also be provided.
For further information and to discuss booking a skills day, please contact Stuart Stamp – County Coach
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